Today’s, a generation has seen a lot of ups and downs in Technology World. We are the generation which has seen Analog to Digital Transformation. Technically we have evolved a lot. Sometimes, we say it Digitalization, sometimes development. Right now, we are so mesmerized by watching digital revolution in our neighborhood. That we are not noticing the side-effects of it. Many people are using Digital Platform for robbing, frauding, cheating and for offensive things. Such things are called as Cyber-Crime. Today, we are going to discuss Privacy, Security, and Cyber-Crime. So we can defeat Cyber-Crime together.

Privacy and security of our personal information are at high risk. Even we are in the protected zone still, there is a danger to our personal identity on a digital platform. The biggest challenge is to access and store important data. The awareness is the only key to stop it. Which is not good. Because awareness comes from experience.

Cyber-Crime is now more profitable than the Mafia and Drug trade.

Saurabh Patil

Cyber-crime safety is that matters, really..!!

Maybe you may found it boring. But it is a fact that Cyber-Crime is one of the most deadlier weapons available on the earth. Forget about the nuclear attack. It has the power to destroy the identity of any person. so, how to defeat cyber-crime?

First, we will learn about the activities that come under the Cyber-Crime.

(1) Financial Fraud
(2) Activities related to Terrorism
(3) Extortion Cases
(4) Privacy Breach
(5) Cyber Warfare
(6) Offensive Content
(7) Online Harassment
(8) Drug Trafficking
(9) Pornography and Many More.
There are a lot of such activities are carried by misusing the internet and computer.

The government is also working with the number of agencies to control the Cyber-Crime. But, we have to fight with it together so we can build a safe and secure country.
Following areas need to cover to fight with Cyber-Crime:
(1) Evade Detection
(2) Penalties
(3) Awareness
(4) Intelligence
(5) Law Reinforcement

In the next article, I will guide you more about such incidents. And multiple ways to avoid being a victim of Cyber-Crime.


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