With need for cables being on such an extensive level, you need to have durable, rugged cables that could withstand everyday use. If you have been wondering which one to buy, here’s a handy review that explains why Braided USB Cable and premium quality cable is much better when compared to conventional PVC cable. As an example of high quality braided nylon USB cable we are using VYPR CBL and comparing it to Samsung note 4’s stock USB cable.

Braided USB Cable
Look at the Packaging! when did your cable arrived in a nice box?

Are Braided Cables More Durable?

When you go for a branded Nylon Braided USB Cable such as VYPR USB Cable, you can expect exceptional durability for the product. It will easily last through months without difficulty and will be your able companion when you travel from one place to another. Because of the industry grade braided nylon fiber and anodized aluminum which are used in the production of the cable, VYPR cable will not tear or break even after months of rough usage. PVC cables that comes with Redmi devices last a few months after which the black PVC material weakens, bends and eventually rips. Yes! Braided Cables Are Durable!

Are Braided Cables More Durable?
This Leather Braiding looks, so damn Amazing!!

Why there isn’t Thin Braided Cable?

The durability for the VYPR Braided USB Cable is rendered by the thicker design in comparison with your ordinary PVC cable. The CBL has 3.5 mm diameter on the outer area as opposed to 2-2.5mm of the regular PVC cable, but regardless of this thickness, the cable is very versatile and highly flexible. You can twist and turn it when charging your phone or tablet without difficulty. To maintain this flexibility and durable, most of time, Braided Cables aren’t so much thin.

Inside Braided USB Cable
Protection!! They got the basics Just right!

Braided Cables are Tangle-Free

Think about your headphones’ cables or other cables that you may be using. Isn’t one of first thing that comes to mind is the annoying knots and ties which you have to untangle every other day? Somehow they find the way to get tangled irrespective of the uncountable measures you take to ensure they do not! With premium Nylon Braided USB Cables, you no longer have to worry about this issue. They are completely tangle free which saves a lot of time and nerves. This feature also boosts the durability of the cable since it doesn’t bend, crack and tear.

With Mobile Cases: Most users have a different type of case to suit their mood and requirement. VYPR’s Connector housings used in the cables are really narrow so they fit most cases available in the market. However, they are not as narrow as Samsung’s cable. In fact, just the protective aluminum housing is fitted on top of it, makes the just a notch thicker than the stock cable. The company guarantees hassle free return and refund if the cable doesn’t fit the buyer’s specific case, so there is no risk there.

Live in Style: Coloured Braided Cables

While usability is really important for some users, style is important for the others. Samsung’s are not the cheapest smartphones and many users are prepared to pay extra to accessorize their beloved piece of technology. With this in mind some aftermarket cable producers including VYPR CBL, create their products with extra style. VYPR CBL cable comes in 4 colors, which match the colors of the latest Apple devices – Gold, Silver, Space Gray and an added bonus of Red. VYPR product reviews on Amazon.com indicate that this stylish feature is extremely popular with some buyers. These colors aren’t offered on regular PVC cables.

Braided USB Cable Cost Price
VYPR CBL comes in USB-C, MicroUSB, and Apple Lightning Flavors

How Much Braided USB Cable Costs? Price?

The quality and features of Nylon Braided micro USB cables may lead to thinking that they are overpriced and aren’t affordable for an average user. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth. 3ft/1mtr VYPR cables are offered for as low as Rs.500, which at the time of writing is way cheaper than the original Samsung cable in PVC. And for those in need of a longer cable, VYPR offers a 10ft/3mtr. long cable at the same price of Rs.500. it is available in Gold, Black and Silver. As for compatibility VYPR CBL comes in with USB-C, MicroUSB, and Apple Lightning connector’s as Well.

Any Warranty?

Buying PVC USB cables for cheap rates is quite possible online but you hardly get any kind of warranty with it. The life span of such cables is mostly limited by the durability of materials used in the production. Thin PVC cables are far more likely to bend and rip, and their plastic connector housings are also quite fragile. Nylon Braided cable by VYPR CBL come with a solid 12-month warranty, which makes the investment worthwhile.


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