What means Development in Android?

Most of the Android user now knows about Root, ROM, Kernel, Boot-loader,etc. Earlier years, seen was different. Android device was not so handy like today. One from ten person used to come up with smartphone. Small children wanted to grow up fast so, they can have their own mobile phone. But, Today it’s not like that. Age doesn’t matter for smartphone. Now, Everyone has a smartphone. And lot of people are coming out for development in Android. That’s a good news.

Things have changed.

We are now living in a society where progress and development is important. Due to vast availability of smartphones and Internet now 80 percentages people know about Root, Kernel, Boot-loader like terms. Lot of people have shown interest in those things. Number of young fellows are choosing this as a career option. Those all things affecting on our life so much. We will call it as “MOBILIZATION”. Its nothing but globalization of mobile industry.

Before 3-4 years ago, for any small thing we have to be dependent on mobile companies or shop. But, now things are changed. Every possible solution to any threat comes from developer first then it comes from Company. Every house has at least one developer who knows how to deal with those things.

As a development how many days you are going to use resources from others. True developer is who try to design and build things differently. In this section we are going to guide you on different development sections.

How to develop? What you should do?

From Internet you have probably seen a large number of ROMs, Applications which are built from different sources. Many people know about ROM and how to flash it? But, why so less number of geeks are there who wanted to develop their own ROM. There are some methods of ROM developing which are unknown to us.
This section aims to guide you on Android Development. We will start from basics to Advanced.


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