What is Rooting Android Phone? Means? Purpose to Root Phone?

Root word has two meanings one of them is basic source, cause or you can say origin of that things and another one is it is one of the part of plant which helps plant to attaches it to ground. 

android rooting for newbies, beginners
Android Rooting For Newbies

Same meaning of root is there in android smartphone. Simply, Android Rooting means running your android device (Phone, Tablet, PC, Phablet, etc.) with full system access. Rooting means unlocking the potential of operating system so you can customize your device according to you without any obstacle. After rooting your android device, you can install unapproved applications, update or replace the OS or firmware, overclocking and under-clocking of the processor and you can personalize user interface (UI) of your device. Even completely change Look N Feel of your smartphone.

In Windows it is referred as a ‘ADMINSTRTIOR USER’ where in Android it is ‘ROOT USER’

Smartphone which runs on Android Operating System requires access to view, to modify, to delete the system files and settings. With the help of that root access user can also control the permissions of device which gives you seamless access to device.  If user wants to modify such things from device then he requires a permission (i.e., root access). It gives ability to modify system files, applications and settings. Those abilities are inaccessible to normal Android user. That’s why one who with root access is ‘SUPERUSER’. As Android Operating System also uses Kernel of Linux. It is nearly same like as LINUX based operating system.

As a living being who has super power called as SUPERMAN.

User who has root access is called as SUPERUSER.

Android Rooting SuperUser
SuperMan is SuperUser


Why to Root Android? Purpose of Rooting Android Phone?

Most important thing mobile companies doesn’t provide root access because of security threat to user privacy. Android comes with some security system which separates each and every application from another. When you root your android device you breach that security. It may cause some serious damage to your operating system and your privacy. That’s why when you root your smartphone you void your warranty of your device. Exceptions are the companies like YU, which encourage users to root their Android Smartphones. Rooting YU phones doesn’t void the warranty.

Why Android Rooting Void Warranty?

When you root your android device you remove all restrictions required to safeguard your device. Means you are exposing your device to malware. Exposing device for malware means you are infected. It may lead to bricking of your device. To protect from that threat mobile companies don’t provide root accessibility.

After rooting your device, you can modify the system files without any restriction. User can also delete critical system files. Which will lead to serious problem. Smartphones are not easy as desktop so you can re-install android. To protect user from deleting system files root permission is not permitted from manufacturer.

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