Which things can you do after Rooting Android Smartphone in 2016 & later?

This post is the answer of the question that you must have got, “Rooted Android Now What“. We’ve recently written post about Android Rooting for Beginners. If you don’t know about Android Phone Rooting, then you can read it here. After rooting your android device user can do lot of stuff which are not accessible in unroot mode. Here are 13 things you can do after Rooting android phone in 2016.

rooted android now what
Things to do after rooting android phone 2016
  1.  Many android devices come up with lot of unnecessary pre-install applications which used to eat up lot of RAM and Memory. We cannot remove those applications easily. Those Unwanted stock applications which come pre-installed in the device are called as a BLOATWARE. We cannot remove those applications unless we have root access. After rooting your android device user can clean up all the bloatware from the device. It helps to increase the internal memory of the device.
  2. You can speed up your android device by increasing the clock speed of processor which is called as Overclocking of android. It helps phone to perform faster. It also requires Root access.
  3. Same as Overclocking to increase battery stamina of your android device you can decrease the clock speed of processor which is called as Under clocking of android. Due to reduced clock speed processor eats less juice from your battery and it helps to increase battery stamina of your device. But, due to Under clocking the performance of your device gets affected.
  4. If you have a device with low internal memory. Then with the root permission you can increase the internal memory of your Android device by removing unnecessary pre-installed applications and by installing all of your applications on External Memory.
  5. One of the most important thing you can do after rooting is to increase the RAM of your Android device. If you increase the RAM, you can speed up your Android device. There are lot of methods to increase the RAM of your android device.
  6. There are lot of applications like System Tuner, Super user, Tasker, Root Explorer etc. Those applications require root permission to run. To run such types of applications your device must be rooted.

    Do not root if you don’t have stock ROM and stock recovery.

  7. To Back up all of your applications and data requires root access. If you have rooted device, then you can backup all your entire device.
  8. To install Xposed Framework and its modules.
  9. Most of the freeware android applications comes with unnecessary Ads. By rooting your android device, you can not only block ads but also pop up in browsers.
  10. Mostly all android devices come with screenshot functionality. But, so few of them can record screen. With help of root access and some third party apps user can record screen too. Isn’t that great.
  11. You can customize theme of your android. It includes everything from home screen to battery and signal color.
  12. You can also flash Custom Framework (Custom ROM) on your device.
  13. It gives ability to use different recoveries like Custom, TWRP, CWM, etc.


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