What is Android N?

Android Operating System is heartbeat of most of the smartphone. Last month Google announced next version of Android ecosystem. Android N is code name of upcoming Android Operating system. Name of Android N is yet to be decided. All Android devices are going to update to Android N in coming days. Android N is in news nowadays due to its extensive support to Virtual Reality. Google has unveiled lot of new features in it. It comes with lot of new features. Some of the features of Android N are split-screen multi-window mode, Doze Mode and improved notification shade. Those are the top features of Android N.

update android in simple steps
Update your Android Phone to Android N

Google started to release update of Android N from 9 March 2016. It was the first developer preview of Android N. Android N is going to release in five builds. Those builds are steps towards the stable build of Android N.

Complete shedule of Android N upgrade plan is given as follows:

  1. First Developer Update of Android N: March 9, 2016
  2. Second Developer Update of Android N: April 13, 2016
  3. Third Developer Update of Android N: May 18, 2016
  4. Fourth Developer Update of Android N: In Mid-June 2016
  5. Fifth Developer Preview of Android N: July 2016
  6. Final Android N AOSP (Android Open Source Project) build will be out in August or September Month.

Precautions to take before upgrading device into Android N version

Before updating your device into Android 7, you must follow precautions strictly. It reduces bricking possibility of device. For safe use of Android N those precautions are recommended.

  1. Precaution No. 1
    Always take backup of your whole device. Because, build that you are going to flash is in development mode. It can erase all of your data while upgrading process. Therefor, take complete backup of your device. You can take backup from Recovery Mode or by using different applications like Titanium Backup.
  2. Precaution No. 2
    Up-gradation process takes lot of time. So, Charge your device completely before upgrading. Up-gradation time differs from device to device.
  3. Precaution No. 3
    Make sure your device has sufficient storage available. Those are some of the Top 3 precautions should be take care before upgrading Nexus devices on Android N.


How to get Update of Android 7.0 on Android Phone?
Firmware update to Android N.

Before you upgrade your Android Phone with latest build of Android Operating System. You must follow each and every precaution given to you. Install Android N on your device in 3 simple steps.
Update your Nexus, Sony devices to newest version of Android in 3 steps

    1. Step No. 1
      Check that your device is supported or not for Android Beta Program.
      List of device which supports Android N.

      Device which are going to update to Android N.

      1. Nexus 6
      2. Nexus 6P
      3. Nexus 9
      4. Nexus 9G
      5. Nexus Player
      6. Pixel C
      7. Sony Xperia Z3
      8. Nexus 5X
      9. Android One General Mobile
        If you have above device then you can upgrade your device Officially to Android N.
    2. Step No. 2
      Enroll your device into Android Beta Program. Without Android Beta Program your device will not receive regular OTA update of Android N builds. It is mandatory to all users to enroll into Android Beta Program if you want to get Android 7 update right now.
    3. Step No. 3
      After joining Android Beta Program, you will be able to receive over-the-air(OTA) update of Android N. Just refresh your updater application. Upgrades of Android N will be downloaded automatically on your device shortly.
      This is the simplest way get instant update of Android N on your device.


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