Android ROM development Tools Introduction

If you search ‘build android ROM‘ then, number of results shown up. Is this so easy to build ROM for Android device? It depends on number of modifications you wanted to do. But, believe me. Without proper knowledge you can’t build perfect ROM for Android device. You must know all the things require to build Custom ROM for android device. From basic to advance, this shows how matured you are in Android development.

Human beings are using tools from medieval era. From the ancient times tools are referred as a physical item. Due to advancement in human life, definition of tool is changed. Tool is an item which helps human for completion of work or to achieve goals. For completion of every work we require tool. Our hands, brain, body parts are also great tools which helps us to complete our goal and work. Same philosophy is followed in Software and Hardware industry. Now tools are not only limited as a physical item. Software required to develop different things are also categorized as a tool. For example, to create movie we require software like Movie Maker. Those software are nothing but a tool.

In this guide, I am going to introduce you to different tools required to build Custom ROM for Android.

Essential tools required to build Custom ROM for android:

  • JAVA JDK(Java SE Development Kit)
    Java is the essential part of the Android Operating System. For proper android development you must learn Java. It will help you to understand android development properly. Your Computer must know commands of java libraries. You can install those SE binaries by using JAVA JDK kit.
    Download Java JDK.
    Why we needed to install Java while developing app or ROM for android?
    For Android development system require multiple java applications to run. This java application requires JDK Kit to run. That’s why JDK Kit must be installed on your PC.
    Android is Linux based Operating system. It is important to develop android from Linux based operating system. But if you want to work from Microsoft’s Windows Operating system then you need third-party software like Cygwin. It helps user to build Unix-like environment on Windows Operating System. It provides 
    native integration of Windows-based system resources with data of the Unix-like environment. It provides user functionality similar to a Linux on Windows OS.
    Download CYGWIN
    META-INF needed to make flashable zip files. Using it you can club different meta and APK files in a single .zip file. Using META-INF you can flash .zip file from recovery mode.
  • Android Kitchen
    Android Kitchen software helps to build Custom ROM for android devices. With the help of Android Kitchen you can port different ROM for different android devices. You can customize the ROM according to your need.
    Download Android Kitchen UOT Kitchen or ROM Kitchen.
    You can also try different Kitchen to cook different types of ROMs.

    Download Notepad++ and Android device drivers.

  • Notepad ++
    It is source code editor software. It supports different languages. Recommended for Windows users.
  • Device Drivers
    Install drivers of the device on your system. It helps system to interact with the device.
  • ADB Driver
    Install ADB driver on your system.
    ADB known as Android Debug Bridge is a command-line utility included with Google’s Android SDK. It helps system to control your device over USB.
 These is the introduction to some of the essential tools required to start developing Custom ROMs for Android devices.


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