Things to do while charging Android Phone, Tablet. Tips to extend the battery life of smartphone.

If you got a new Android smartphone. What things should you do before charging your brand new Android phone or tablet? Things you must avoid while charging of your smartphone? Today, we will talk about some tips that will help you to keep smartphones battery healthy as a long as possible. Important things you must do before charging your Android device.

The reason behind the death of smartphone is an issue in battery life. It doesn’t matter your smartphone is new or old.

Batteries are not made for lifetime purpose.

Batteries are not immortal. After some charging cycles, batteries stop to hold electricity in it. Using proper ways we can maintain those cycles of charging and discharging so we can get maximum power. So the question is how to keep the battery in the best condition? There are some ways you have to follow while charging your brand new Android phone, tablet or pc. This will help to keep battery life healthy.

Some of the important things you must do before charging your device running on Android.

Things you must do before charging
Things you must do before charging your brand new Android Phone or Tablet

Check accessories properly

After buying a new android phone, tablet. Check accessories properly. Specifications on accessories must match with specifications given on paper. If it doesn’t match then contact with Customer Care support for further guidance.

Charging battery with Fast Charge charger

There are lot of fast charging methods offered by Qualcomm’s Quick Charge, One Plus’s Dash Charging, Moto’s Adaptive Fast Charging, etc. In fast charging, the charger is capable to supply electricity at higher voltage and current. Which helps to charge the battery faster. So, how fast charging works? In fast charging, charger communicates with circuits on device which tells charger how much of electricity required to charge a battery. This way device talks with charger. And with higher voltage and current ratio battery gets charged at faster rate. This way Fast Charging for Android works.

If your android phone or tablet doesn’t support fast charging then don’t use fast charger to charge your Android device. It effects on lifespan of battery. so for longer battery life try to use recommended charger given by the manufacturer.

Charging at night or overcharging

Many people charge their phone overnight. Average charging time of phone is only an hour or two to get 100 %. So there is no point charging your phone or tablet for long time than it requires. If you keep your phone charged overnight then you are increasing the amount of time your device spends with charger. It degrades the battery capacity little by little. Heavy dosage of tickle charge decrease the charge cycles of the battery.

Using proper cable

Unrecommended charging cable can damage U2I port on our smartphone. The port is responsible for charging and some other USB function. Improper handling of that port can damage the USB functionality of phone or tablet. Which can lead to the multiple consequences like phone doesn’t charge, phone won’t turn ON, etc. That’s why it is always recommended to use proper USB cable while charging your brand new Android phone or tablet. You can try braided USB cables which has a lot of advantages over regular USB cables.

Avoid uncertified magnetic charging cables

I have observed that many people are using un-certified magnetic charging cables. Those charging cables are easy to connect with USB port as compared to traditional USB cables. Always use proper magnetic charging cable. There are some risks to use magnetic USB cables. If device is made up of metallic body then sometimes you have to take care that charging cable and device body doesn’t get shorted.

Using another Charger

Always try to use the charger which comes with your phone. It comes with correct rating. While using another third-party charger make sure that it is supported by your phone. Never use low quality and cheap alternatives it may harm your phone or tablet. Many times such cheap chargers catch fire.

These are some of the things you must do before charging your Phone or Tablet running on Android operating system. It helps you to retain more and more battery life. Still worried about your battery life.

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