What is ROM?

Everyone knows ROM as a Read Only Memory. In Android ROM has another meaning “ROM is a software which runs on Android device.”
Why different android device comes up with different UI? Today, there is a wide range of Android devices in market. You can buy android devices from Samsung, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, etc. manufacturers. Every different device comes up with different Android experience. Samsung Galaxy devices comes up with Touch WIZ UI where Xiaomi devices has its own MIUI interference. When you pick up an SONY smartphone, user interference is different than a Samsung smartphone. That’s because every manufacturer develops their own Android code by tweaking it. This makes different User Interference in different Android devices. Now, Question remains about Android ROM.

what is android rom and its types
ROM and it Different Types

What is Android ROM? Which are the different types of ROM?

ROM is Operating System of you device which is stored on Read Only Memory.”

Android ROMs are of two types: 

  1. StockROM: In a simple language Stock ROM is defined as a software which comes on your device when you buy it. It is Android Operating System which manufacturer provide you along with your device.
  2. Custom ROM: Custom ROMs are build by developers. How Custom ROMs are developed? Custom ROMs are developed by modifying source code of Stock Android, adding extra features in it, and building newly developed operating system images for Android devices.

There are number of communities which develops different ROMs. They try to improve Android experience by adding extra features in it. Some of the top Android ROM developing communities are mentioned below. Top 5 ROM for Android.

  1. Cyanogen Mod:
    CyanogenMod is also known as “CM”.
    It is one of the most popular and successful Android ROM. From last 5 years, CyanogenMod is most popular Android ROMToday, Cyanogen is not only a ROM it is a fully-blown company which produces software. CyanogenMod is supported by various companies like OnePlus, Lenovo and YU. Devices from those companies comes up with preloaded CyanogenMod ROM. CyanogenMod is famous for its theme engine where user can apply different themes on just a click. It gives user a flawless experience of customization.

Beginners Guide to flash CyanogenMod on Android 

  1. AOKP:

    What is AOKP ROM in Android?

    AOKP is also known as “Android Open Kang Project”. It is an open source Android ROM. AOKP ROMs are developed by forking the source code of Android. Some of the special feature like Vibration Pattern, Ribbon, Navigation Ring, LED Control, etc are added in that source code. This way AOKP ROM gets developed.

  2. AOSP:
    AOSP ROMS are based on Stock Android. They are inspired from vanilla android hence they are called as “Android Open Source Project”. It allows user to alter the source code of stock Android according to the need. Using source code of AOSP number of Custom ROMs can be build.
  3. Paranoid Android:
    Also knows as “AOSPA”.
    It is a Custom ROM aims to enhance the beauty of Android. This ROM follows the same portfolio of Google. It comes with tons of easy-to-use features like Hover Control, Pie launcher,etc.
  4. PAC-ROM:
    Every PAC-ROM includes features from different ROMs. Mostly it comes up with combination of CyanogenMod, AOKP and Paranoid ROMs.

    Name of PAC-man ROM is inspired by yellowish guy from video game “PACMAN”.


Why to install Custom ROM on android device?

If you are using Non-Nexus device, then it takes lot of time to get latest Version of Android Operating System. To tackle this problem user can flash latest version of Android Operating System with the help of Custom ROMs. Custom ROM replaces existing device’s Android operating system version with newly built ROM. This is the most popular reason why people install a custom ROM?

What are the benefits of Custom Android ROM?

List of Benefits of Custom ROM
Benefits of Custom ROM

There are lot of benefits of using Custom ROM on Android Phone, Tablet devices. Some of the Top benefits of Custom ROM are as follows:

  • Free the Bloatware present in the device:
    Sometimes we face lot of lag while using Android device. It is due to presence of unwanted application on Android device. Those unwanted application uses more RAM and Memory. It makes Android phone, tablet slow. These unwanted applications are called as “Bloatware”. Bloatware can be removed by flashing bloat free ROM on Android device.
  • Increase RAM of the device:
    It helps to free up more RAM on your device. By removing unwanted applications present on Android device.
  • Install Android application on External Storage or Move application on External Storage:
    One of the important feature of Custom ROM is to install application on External Storage. If you are using Stock ROM. Then, it is impossible to move application on External Storage. By moving application on External Storage user can increase the internal memory available on the device.
  • Install Ported application:
    You cannot install another device’s application on your device. But using Custom ROM you can install different device’s applications on your Android device.
    For Example: WALKMAN music player is only supported to SONY Xperia devices. But, using Custom ROM user can install and use this application on any Non-Sony devices. 

    How to improve battery life of Android device easily?

  • Improve Battery life of the device:
    Many Custom ROMs gives user different option to configure clock frequency of processor. By adjusting clock frequency of processor user can increase Battery Life of the Android Phone or Tablet.
  • Flash or Update device with newer version of Android:
    You can flash newer version of Android Operating System in the form of Custom ROMs.
  • Personalization:
    Using Custom ROM you can personalize user interface of your Android device. Custom ROM comes up with lot of personalization options.
    Want to enjoy MIUI interface on your Android Phone. Just flash MIUI Custom ROM on your device and enjoy MIUI on your Android device.
  • Use extra feature:
    Many Custom ROMs comes up with feature like Theme Engine, Overclocking, Private Browsing support, battery saver and so on.
  • To improve performance of the device:
    Custom ROMs allows user to remove unnecessary files present in the device. By removing those files user can improve performance of the Android device.

Those are the some of the benefits of Custom ROM on Android System.



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