What is CyanogenMod? How it works? How to use it?

Before knowing about How to install CyanogenMod on android phone or tablet?. User must know about CyanogenMod. So, what is CyanogenMod?. What makes CyanogenMod for Android so popular?

Did you know about Custom ROM?
                    CyanogenMod is nothing but the customized version of Android Operating System. It is different than Stock Android operating system offered by Google. Why CyanogenMod is so popular? When you use CyanogenMod on Android device it offers lot of customization option than a vanilla Android. It makes CyanogenMod for android so popular than any other version of Android operating system.

Who develops CyanogenMod for Android?

                    There are lot of questions about world’s most popular Custom ROM “CyanogenMod”Who developed it? When CyanogenMod got developed?

                  CyanogenMod is also known as CM. After the launch of first android smartphone HTC DREAM in 2008, developers discovered that with the help of privileged control, firmware of the Android smartphone can be tweaked. This privileged control is known as “ROOT ACCESS”.

Android is Linux based Operating System  

Android operating system is open source OS. With the help of root access in android operating system, user can modify device’s stock firmware.  This modified firmware can be re-install on the device. After the launch of first android smartphone, ‘Steve Kondik’ and ‘JesusFreke’ developed CyanogenMod in 2008.

Founder of CyanogenMod
CyanogenMod for Android Founder

Root as a privileged control

They used privileged control of Android root as a important tool to develop CyanogenMod for android devices. HTC DREAM was the first device to run CyanogenMod. After the success of CyanogenMod on HTC DREAM community of developers starts rolling in the world. Everyone wanted to customize Android operating system according to their need. Some of them worked hard to bring CyanogenMod on different devices. These community is now recognized as a “CyanogenMod Developers Team”. Now, CyanogenMod is not only the ROM. It is emerged as a software providing company. They are working hard to bring CyanogenMod on more and more devices.




What is difference between Stock Android and CyanogenMod for Android?

There are different reason for everyone to flash Custom ROM. Many manufacturers are unable to update their all devices with latest operating system. There are so less number of mobile companies like Nexus devices, Motorola Smartphones, Android One devices who gives timely update to their customers. But large number of mobile users are facing update issues with their android devices. To tackle these problem developers developed Custom ROMs which are based on latest AOSP codes. By flashing those Custom ROMs user can bring latest version of android operating system on their device.

CyanogenMod developed by Cyanogen Team members. It brings lot of new features on the android devices.

What makes CyanogenMod for Android so popular and different than Stock Android Operating System?

CyanogenMod offers lot of new features as compared to Stock android operating system.

  • Performance Improvements
  • Privacy Guard
  • Advance control over hardware
  • Performance Options
  • Customization (user can customize anything on CM from Hardware buttons to Status bar)
  • Trebuchet Launcher (Launcher that can be customize)
  • Gesture Support
  • Native Themes Support

Those features are difficult to found on Stock Firmware. This makes CyanogenMod different from Stock Android experience.


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